Images for Ch. 17 of “Playing hide and seek with Moiras”

Here is a very handy map (though reflecting Roman times) of the Epirote, Illyrian and western Macedonian territory. You can find places mentioned in this chapter, including Passaron (in black, small letters, somewhat south of Thesprotia in bigger black letters), Phoenice (in small black  letters, close to the coast, in the south of Chaonia), Apollonia (almost on the Adriatic coast), Illyrian territories. You can also see Orestis from where Hephaistion started his travel (small black letters, somewhat in the middle of the map).


A view from the hill where Phoenike’s Acropolis stood onto the mountains.



If you follow the link below, you’ll see the remnants of the theatre in Phoenike mentioned in this chapter.


2 thoughts on “Images for Ch. 17 of “Playing hide and seek with Moiras”

    • I hope you’ll be happy to know that I am in the process of writing the next chapter (yes! after 2 years) and hope to post it his October!

      I assume you know English since your read my stories? Unfortunately, I don’t speak Spanish so I have to resort to Google translate to understand them. Thanks for so many lovely reviews.

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